Marvel Excel Solutions is a Financial Modelling Consultancy firm specializing in Financial Model Development, Support, Spreadsheet Business Applications, Training and Self Service Business Intelligence & Analytics. We provide financial and business modeling services to help you make better business decisions and achieve greater stakeholder value in your business. Our training programs will equip you with spreadsheet financial modeling and data modeling skills that enhance productivity

Our Philosophy
Financial models are a critical element in most if not all major business decisions and a key tool for analysing business financial performance across different sectors.
Financial modelling is at the centre in managing business risks and generating the most effective business decisions backed by quantitative information. It is our conviction that financial models can be very useful and powerful tools that enable businesses to consider available options and mitigate risks, evaluated through a series of assumptions that identify the optimal solutions and inform management on the impact of these outcomes thereby enhancing the decision making process. Most organisations lack the necessary skills set in conceptualising and developing modelling solutions that can facilitate an accurate evaluation of critical complex business decisions. Marvel Excel Solutions is available to assist your business to develop a custom and robust financial tool focused on the important issues and based on the best practice standards to ensure that it becomes a key financial tool.