Take your excel & data analysis skills to the next level

Learn how to use Microsoft excel and other spreadsheet software to enhance your productivity. Our training programs will empower you to harness the power of spreadsheets for your maximum benefit.

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Learn how to use Self Service Business Intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI for powerful data analytics and stunning data visualisation.

Our training programs are purpose-built not only for finance professionals, they are also suitable for anyone who works with financial figures.

Why training?

Excel is an assumed skill by the majority of employers and often very little if any formal training is provided for users. Employees can never be expected to be advanced negotiators or presenters without some form of specialized training. Yet many Excel users are usually self-taught and develop themselves in isolation as they go along.

Businesses can obtain a real and tangible strategic advantage over competitors by the speedy and accurate modeling of financial data.

The objective of our training is to deliver knowledge in financial modeling and help our participants to apply the skills learned from our programs in their day-to-day work.

Benefits of training

Training has the following benefits for participants and organisations;

Increases employee productivity,

Reduces production time for business reports,

Reduces Management review time, and enhances user comprehension.

Investing in staff development is beneficial to employee satisfaction, staff retention and can also count towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Risk mitigation with financial modeling skills

Modelling skills are also a key contributor to minimising business risk, by:

Promoting a structured approach in developing models,

Reducing occurrence of errors, hence better decision taking, and aiding management and or peer review

Types of Training

In-House Training

This is a Classroom training tailored to the client’s specific requests for training modules, course delivery dates, and locations. We can provide training at your offices or offsite at your selected venue.

Open Training

This is a Classroom training held at any one of our selected training venues.

One-on-one Training

This training enables you to get the maximum benefit for your time, when you want, and with an agenda set entirely with your personal needs in mind. If you feel that you want a course tailored to your specific unique individual needs, the One-on-one will suit you.